Tara's Tots provides high quality rain gear and boots for all our students, so we can enjoy the outdoors in Seattle all year long.  Pictured above is our Songbirds play yard.  Behind the swinging children is our bunny house, where our furry friend Pippin lives.

AT TARA'S TOTS we aspire to create a home away from home.  Each of our schools follows a carefully crafted daily rhythm so each student knows what to expect when they come to school each day.  This enables our children to come to school happy, relaxed, and ready to experience all that the wonder of childhood has to offer.


Even though most of our families continue on to the various public schools in the area, at Tara's Tots we bring elements of Waldorf education into each of our classrooms.  The Waldorf philosophy takes a holistic approach to education.  We believe in nurturing a child's social, emotional, and physical skills, in addition to their cognitive skills.  We integrate things like letters and numbers into our daily activities (for example we will count out cups of flour as we bake bread) so that learning is organic to each child's experience, and not abstract.  If you are new to Waldorf please visit whywaldorfworks.org to learn more.


At Tara's Tots we are always mindful to celebrate our natural surroundings and the changing of the seasons.  We use these seasonal celebrations as a time to build community so our families can get to know one another.  In the Fall, we celebrate our Harvest Festival by going on an overnight trip to whidbey island.  We also visit an organic bio-dynamic farm in October, go on a lantern walk at Greenlake in November and have a May Day picnic in the Spring.  We also offer opportunities for just parents to come together.  Each year our teachers put on "parent evenings" where parents can come together and talk about child development (and maybe even do an art craft as well).


Our teachers take great pride in creating nutritious organic, vegetarian meals each morning.  We use all natural ingredients to make simple foods that our students love.


At our Linden and Songbirds classrooms our teachers share stories and songs from the heart, so each child can practice active learning, and use their own imagination.  By the end of the year our students will know dozens of songs, rhymes and finger plays which they've been singing all year long during our circle time each day.

Click here to see our stories and songs from the '14-'15 school year.

ROCK! OPENING SEPTEMBER, 2016 Offering an outdoor enrichment program for children ages 4-12.  Welcoming home schoolers on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Beginning the day in Woodland Park and ending back at our Linden location with a hot vegetarian lunch.  Children will spend the day exploring the natural world.  Tracking, identifying, researching, learning in a multi-sensory experience.


All Tara's Tots preschools are play based. Read more about the benefits of a play based education by clicking here and here.

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Tara's Tots has three locations and each one is a little bit different.  To learn more about each location and to find out which one is the right fit for you, click below.

Linden (ages 2.5 through 5)

The Songbirds (ages 2.5 through 5)

Rock! (Outdoor Enrichment Program, ages 4-12)